About Us

Rouse Builders, who specialize in residential home construction, was established in 1989 by Bob Rouse and his brother, Carlton.  They began their career in the building industry long before they started their construction firm, in Gastonia.  “I’ve worked in and around construction all my life,” said Bob, “I’ve always been a hands-on kind of guy and I love working with people. It became pretty apparent at an early age that I wanted to go into construction and specifically construction management.” Bob loves to help his clients achieve their goals in what they want in a home. It is the greatest gift to him, when he sees a satisfied customer move into their dream home.  Bob’s engineering and Carlton’s architectural and business background was a natural fit for the home construction industry.

Working together, they have set the bar high for quality in Gaston County, with Bob winning Builder of the Year in 2007 and serving on the board of the local Home Builder’s Association. Bob and Carlton both try to encourage the use of local tradesman to work on their projects. By using local Gaston County contractors, the hope is to enrich the local economy as well as encourage students to engage in a building trade. “Because the economy has taken a turn in the last few years, it is harder and harder to find good local tradesman. This is a great opportunity for our students to find an area where they can learn a craft, and know that they will have the chance to find employment after graduation.” He continues to say, “So we are encouraging (students) to develop a trade. Vocational education is very important and those jobs are going to be in high demand and offer good pay.”

Bob and Carlton Rouse don’t just build enormous, out of reach to the average person, dream homes.  They still enjoy projects on the practical side.  A bit of this downsizing came from the Green Movement and popularized efficiency and smart building. “People are giving up larger living areas to say, ‘Let’s be wiser about where we do live,’” says Bob.  “Also, the practicality of money has played a part of the downsizing of America and the Gaston County community.”  Many of Bob and Carlton’s clients are opting to spend money remodeling their home and adding upgraded, energy efficient appliances and systems.

No matter what the size job, Rouse Builders is there from beginning to end and even after to ensure your home is all you imagined it could be.  Bob and Carlton are very hands on and engaged Builders and Landscape specialist, that care about you and your family. Check out what many of Bob and Carlton’s clients have to say about their experience working with Bob the Builder and Carlton the landscaper!