Eva Ann McLean

It is very difficult to limit to a few the positive adjectives for my experiences with Bob and Carlton Rouse. I have worked with them for fourteen years, from a large project–building a house–to a small one–a study addition to my present home a couple of years ago, as well as on-going landscaping work that Carlton oversees. The best way to describe ROUSE BUILDERS that come most quickly to mind are “Integrity” and “Professionalism.” Their cost estimates are accurate–they have never exceeded an estimate unless it was something that I chose to change. They are prompt and finish a job on schedule. They stand behind their work and will ALWAYS correct anything that goes wrong after completion. Their subcontractors are the best in their fields and completely trustworthy. Every facet of the project is of the highest quality. I think that both of these men are the best in this area and I would never hesitate to recommend them. It has been one of the blessings of my life to be able to deal with the Rouse brothers.