Maureen O’Keefe

Renovating your home can be a daunting experience, unless you hire the right contractor to see you through all phases of the project. I chose Rouse Builders to handle my home renovations.

Why Rouse?

When I moved into my home over 9 years ago, I drove through the neighborhood admiring many of the lawns and landscape designs of my neighbors. I knew I would need to hire some one to take care of my yard very soon; fortunately for me there was a Rouse Builders Landscaping truck parked in front of a neighbor’s yard. I quickly jotted the phone number down and later in the day gave them a call. Of course I had an immediate need; family was coming to visit and everything was overgrown and looking shabby. Carlton Rouse and his crew rearranged their busy schedule to help me out. They did a magnificent job. And so began my relationship with Rouse Builders.

Next it was the irrigation system for the yard and some landscaping design work in the back. The project was handled in the most professional manner; we had a discussion about the project; Carlton listened, gave feedback and suggestions and supplied me with drawings, a written proposal and a start and finish date. Expectations were not just met, they were exceeded. My relationship with Rouse Builders started with Carlton Rouse and landscaping projects; I considered Carlton Rouse a friend, not just a service provider.

Two years ago Bob Rouse and I got together to discuss some renovations that I wanted done. My first project was replacing all of the windows in the house. Bob took the same professional approach to the job as Carlton did. We met and discussed the project; Bob listened and made good suggestions. Bob had me meet his subcontractors and suppliers for the proposed job and all were interested in hearing my input. Only when I was fully informed and comfortable with the project, did Bob put the proposal together. We reviewed the scope, cost and the timeline and kept an on-going dialogue before, during and after the completion of the project. All of the subcontractors were consummate professionals: neat, organized and respectful of my property. I was very pleased with the outcome.

We talked about other projects – minor and major. I was contemplating some kitchen facelifts and changes to my screened porch. Our conversation went on for about a year. Bob never pressured me; he answered my questions, gave me feedback and suggestions and was patient with me as I weighed my options. Once again he had me meet his subcontractors who, experts in their own right, gave me good ideas and worked with me one on one.

I decided to move forward with a complete kitchen renovation (demo) along with side bar renovations to the garage, screen porch and front door. Never having done this type of project, I was certainly glad I chose Rouse Builders. Bob is detail oriented, organized and gives you only straightforward information. I knew exactly what I was getting into and for how long. Bob was genuinely concerned about my family and the inconvenience the project would cause in our day to day lives. He was in constant contact with me and kept me apprised of what was going on. Bob worked with me and around my hectic work schedule; albeit gave me target dates for decisions to keep the project going. He was personally involved; Bob was at the sight daily overseeing ever detail.

Rouse’s subcontractors are the best; experts in their respective field and interested in doing their job well. They take pride in their work, and it shows. All were neat, respectful of my family, property and the work of the other subs. As in all projects, there will be glitches; they were addressed, decisions were made and issues resolved satisfactorily. I am extremely pleased with the final results and consider Bob Rouse a friend.

I see in Rouse Builders integrity and honesty. I see pride in a job well done. I see genuine caring and concern for their clients. I see high expectations from their subcontractors and suppliers and mutual respect in return. I see a family business that has become part of my family. I would choose no one other than Rouse Builders for my next project.

Maureen O’Keefe

April 2, 2012