Randy and Pamela Mumford

From our initial meeting with Bob, our main point of contact, he instilled confidence in us as he listened intently and advised us based on his wealth of knowledge and experience. We quickly learned that quality is key for Rouse Builders, and we were able to rest assured knowing that Bob would not sacrifice quality, nor would he ever consider using a product in our home that he would not put in his own. Bob also gained our trust as he helped us discern the most important areas to invest our resources and other things that could be done at a later time.

It would be easy to quickly become overwhelmed when building a home, but we never did as Bob was careful to focus us on one thing at a time. Without exception, Bob’s subcontractors and suppliers sang his praises, which continued to confirm that we were with the right builder.

Carlton did an outstanding job with our landscape. We continue to receive compliments, and during the first year we were in our home, it was fun to see what was going to bloom next as something always seemed to be in season.

Bob was always available to us, and our relationship was marked by excellent communication. As we were first time homebuilders, we came to rely on Bob to advise us on various things, and we knew we could trust his opinion and impeccable taste. We are so thankful we had the opportunity to build with Rouse Builders and happy to say our friendship continues to grow long after the completion of our beautiful home.